NW Natural Lighting Testimonials


“We have had 4 Sola-Tubes for the past 14 yrs or so. The one in the inner Bath Turned a dark Hole into a bright room and even lit up our hallway. We Love them!”

– Louise W. Olympia, WA
“Last week we installed a 14” in our TV room (no glare). I can read or knit w/o the light on! We put a 10” in the kitchen… could have used a 14”… but it made a huge difference. No lights need to be on in the daytime; even on cloudy days! We started with a hallway what a difference! ”

– Bonnie & Les
“I Love My Solatube! Had it for 10 years with no problems! So very pleased I invested in this natural light! Brighten’s My Day!”


“Awesome light, light & more light. People think we have a light on especially GREAT when full moon – no night light needed LOVE this product”

– Dale & April Puyallup, WA


“Mirage SCREEN PERFECT for our NW weather! Out of the way when I don’t need it! ”

– Tracy


“10 yrs after installing a Solatube each in my living room and kitchen. I still find myself checking to turn off the light (the sun!) Love them! ”

– MP
“Better than a window plus useful on inside rooms. ”

– Mehe & Bev


“Our L shaped hallway was always dark, and the bath without a window. Both are daylight sun up to sundown love ours ”

– Fred & Marlen, Tacoma


“LOVE it! At times I look, who left the lights on? It’s the Solatube. Adds amazing brightness to a dark hallway.”

– Steve


“I LOVE MY SOLATUBE!!!! There’s so much light in my kitchen now, it’s almost blinding compared to before!! I would definitely love to have more, but at a later date. I have told many friends, and they may be calling you too! Thanks!!!”

– Kathryn- Seattle, WA


“Ben, Your crew was here bright and early on Tuesday and did a wonderful job. Again, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your patience and assistance throughout this ordeal. When I am completely finished I will send you some photos or if you would like to have an excuse to get out of the office, we’ll have lunch on the deck. Thanks.”

– Brian


“Ryan did a great job in this morning to install two Solatubes. The result was very nice! Natural light feels much better than florescent light. I want to thank Dawn and Ryan for bringing me more and better light.”

– Lee from Redmond , WA


“love the amount of light and the lighting effect as a result of our Solatube. We are very happy with the result as well as the service”

– Brooke, Woodinville


“Looks great! Wife loves it. Installer was fast and efficient and answered all my questions.”

– Dan-Tulalip, WA


“The install went well. Your installer was very professional and he did a great job. My wife and I are very happy with the results.”

– John-Monroe, WA


“We are enjoying our daylight that we have now in our kitchen. I always think I need to shut the light off. Lol.Your installer did a great job. We are glad we purchased the Solatube 14”. Glad we went with 14″ instead of the 10″

– Darrell & Lori-Tacoma, WA


“We love our new screen door. The installer did an amazing job and was very professional. We would highly recommend your company.””

– Mark & Sue-Snohomish, WA


“Ryan are very professional and did a great job…we couldn’t be any happier. Thanks so much..”

– Deanne – Tacoma , WA


“Hi Ben, Love the railing that Jeff and Joe installed. Thank you for getting this taken care of as quickly as you did. ”

– The Brooks